Eva Hall is a mother of 5, encourager of many, and friend to all. Imagine yourself going to the mall, getting your nails done, or picking up food for the family and suddenly you pass out. Imagine tickling your daughter and feeling light headed, or simply laughing hard leaves youContinue Reading

In May 2016 I was diagnosed with a form of Leukemia called MDS (myleodysplastic syndrome}. Prior to being diagnosed, my only health complaints were a random onset of what felt like asthma attacks during my cycling classes (the only reason I went to the doctor), feeling very tired, and notContinue Reading

In May of 1977 my grandmother died from cancer. I was fourteen years old and it was my first experience of losing someone very special to me. I’d made a vow that if I were dying from cancer or any other fatal disease, I would keep silent like my grandmotherContinue Reading

On January 15, 2015  high school senior Essence White was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) just two weeks before her 18th birthday. AML is an aggressive form of blood cancer located in the bone marrow. Doctors concluded that Essence needed a bone marrow transplant to survive but she did not have a fullContinue Reading

In 2012 Phil Meeks now 47 years old went to the doctor with shortness of breath and pain in his legs thinking it was because he smoked cigarettes. The news he got was shocking. Not only was he was diagnosed with AML (leukemia) in August of 2012, he was alsoContinue Reading

When I was a child I was not aware that I had any type of illness, but my mother knew since I was very young. It never really had any effect on me. They told her that one day I will need a bone marrow transplant but it wasn’t necessaryContinue Reading

Ulton Listenbee is a two year survivor of ALL Leukemia and a Marrow Recipient. After 4 phases of chemotherapy and days of full body radiation, he is now in remission. He is a man of great faith with a contagious spirit and an ever present smile. His goal is toContinue Reading

UPDATE 5/8/15: Angelo passed away April 22, 2015 due to multiple strokes and blood clots in his lungs but not the cancer which he received a transplant for back in 2012. Read his story below Angelo is a 48 year old Conway, South Carolina native that currently resides in HoustonContinue Reading

Jennifer Jones Austin of Brooklyn, NY was diagnosed with leukemia at age 41. This wife and mother of two children, ages 12 and 7, was in immediate need of a bone marrow transplant. Within months Jennifer, her husband,  family & loved ones joined forces with The Icla Da Silva FoundationContinue Reading

Seun Adebiyi just graduated from Yale Law School and is trying to make history as the first Nigerian delegate to compete in the Winter Olympics when he found out he had leukemia. Seun is very driven and through bone marrow drives, media appearances he was able to bring a lotContinue Reading

Warren Davis, a husband and father of two young children was diagnosed with the rarest form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2004. Because he had no donor match among siblings or on the registry, he was treated with an autogolous stem cell transplant which is a process that used his ownContinue Reading

“God has blessed me with the possibility to receive the marrow transplant I need to possibly cure my disease and save my life. This is truly a miracle when you take into consideration that so many African American/Black patients who need a transplant do not receive one.” Ashonte was diagnosedContinue Reading

Nathan Mumford from Cleveland Heights, Ohio is a two time cancer survivor, battling Hodgkin’s disease in 1988, at the age of eight; and again in 2004, at twenty four, with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.   He founded the Karen E. Mumford Cancer Foundation in 2007 as a way to help sufferers ofContinue Reading

How We Got Here….  At the time I was married, 32 and did not have an active lifestyle. I smoked  cigarettes and drank beer and liquor every weekend. I did not attend church. I spent my Sunday’s recuperating from Saturday nights. My wife was pregnant with our second child atContinue Reading

Sam was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 8. Then he was told his best chances for survival were to have a bone marrow transplant however he did not have a match. Chemotherapy eventually put him into remission, but he relapsed two years later and still had no match on theContinue Reading

In Nigeria, “Ajani” means “he who wins the struggle.” In Roanoke, Virginia, it means the same thing. Ajani was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago at age two. His doctor gave him three months to life, unless he got an unrelated umbilical cord blood transplant. Fortunately, a matching cord bloodContinue Reading

In 2003 seventeen year old Bronx, New York native Lamar went for a physical so he could play high school basketball but was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia(CML). Through the “Be The Match” resistry he would find an anonymous match more than 300 miles away in Rochester, New York whereContinue Reading

Mildred Bethea I am Mildred Bethea, 49 years of age.  In 2002 at 41, I was the third woman in my family to be diagnosed with breast cancer.  I endured a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery and 6 months of chemotherapy.  This was a year that I thought to be unbearable asContinue Reading

In 1986 Cornelius was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia while still in high school. He received a bone marrow transplant from his brother and is now cured. Cornelius lives in Houston TX and has appeared in the media regarding survivor-ship and issues with living post bone marrow transplant. Continue Reading