Rodrequies Poe joined the national registry of bone marrow donors in a somewhat comical way. He elected to join the United States Navy in March of 2011. During his first few days of boot camp, sleep was at a premium. “You spend the days signing your life away and doingContinue Reading

My name is Ro-Lunda Jackson and I am a PBSC donor. I signed up for the registry in February of 1997. I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and at the time my husband, son and I were visiting the local Stock Show and Rodeo. Becoming a part of theContinue Reading

UPDATE: Jul 20, 2013 I met my recipient September 4, 2014. My bone marrow donation CURED HER OF LEUKEMIA!!! She’s not in remission…she’s completely CURED! I had an opportunity to meet her mother, her aunt and her daughter. They were grateful I chose to donate bone marrow to extend her life.Continue Reading

John C. Frierson of Detroit registered at a drive hosted at his church for a local fire fighter in October 2002.  Six months later he was chosen to save the life of a two-year old boy.  The bone marrow transplant was successfully completed in June 2003.  The process was soContinue Reading

‘He saved me:’ Illinois woman shows her appreciation to Adairsville donor by Margaret Ramirez, Chicago Tribune  Ever since she received a bone marrow transplant two years ago, Rosalind Beard wanted to meet the man who donated his stem cells to save her life. In an emotional meeting Sunday at LoyolaContinue Reading

Rashaan DeShay I remember the day my big brother, Akiim, was diagnosed with Leukemia.  It was a Tuesday afternoon, and he had been in the hospital since Saturday because he wasn’t feeling well.  The doctors admitted him because they wanted to run some tests.  I had just come to the hospital toContinue Reading

Nechelle Ervin’s selfless act of joining the registry saved the life of a 15-year-old boy. “I learned that there was a pressing need for more minorities in the registry and that I could possibly help save a life” She is now a Baylor Health Care System recruiter & coordinator forContinue Reading

In August 2001, I was attending a Women’s Visions Expo in Dallas with my daughter. We go every year. l was at the Baylor Health Station where they check your blood pressure, do a minor stress tests, and give handouts regarding women‘s health issues. The very last station was whereContinue Reading

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I’m so happy. Every time I think about it, I’m almost in tears.” This was a day before meeting an 18-year-old named Lamar Adams. McFadden saved Adams’ life, or as McFadden says, extended it, by donating his blood stem cells. McFadden signed up five yearsContinue Reading