SAVED: Ashante Sloan

Ashante Sloan“God has blessed me with the possibility to receive the marrow transplant I need to possibly cure my disease and save my life. This is truly a miracle when you take into consideration that so many African American/Black patients who need a transplant do not receive one.”

Ashonte was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia in October 2008. It was determined that she will need a Marrow transplant to survive. With no perfect match in her family or on the registry she held four marrow drives and recruited hundreds to the registry. “I am on fire about helping others who need transplants.” she says. She is dedicated to continue to help add more people to the registry so she can help others. Due to the urgency of her condition, doctors went ahead with the transplant using a donor that was not a perfect match. She was able to meet her donor and is very thankful.

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