DONOR & HERO: Bobbie J Smith

Bobbie Smith

In August 2001, I was attending a Women’s Visions Expo in Dallas with my daughter. We go every year. l was at the Baylor Health Station where they check your blood pressure, do a minor stress tests, and give handouts regarding women‘s health issues. The very last station was where they asked me did I want to give a blood sample for the Bone Marrow Bank because it may help someone in the future. I said “ok” can’t hurt anything, was just a finger prick, But in Sept 2007 when I got the call from Baylor saying I may be a possible match for someone, I told them Sure I’ll go thru with the testing. The reason I did was because if me or my family was in need, I would want someone to do the same for us. I also am a believer in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I did not think He would let something happen to me since I was trying to help someone else.

I was 55 years old at the time of the surgery and I never had a pain whatsoever, I wanted to go back to work the very next day but my family made me stay home for 2 days, then I went back to work. I am so happy that all is well with you, praise God for that! Being 1 in 5 Million lets me know that it was in Gods divine plan for my life to be there for you. I actually looked forward to the operation because it meant l could get some rest while in the hospital, imagine that! You actually were my Godsend because my pastor always says we need to try to do something for someone else who cannot return the favor. That is the true meaning of being a blessing to someone else.

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