RIP | Jamaya Johnson

Jamaya JohnsonHello My name is Jamaya Johnson. I am 14 years i suffer from mixed-cellular hotchkins lymphoma. i have been fighting cancer for 2 years. I became sick in october 2011, I was 12 years old. by the time we discovered it i was a stage 4. it was very hard on me and my family, especially my mother. she had to take alot of time off of work and we really didn’t have much in come and still don’t. that year my caner was cured, but it came back for a second. my family really struggled through that round and my mom has 3 other girls, Jayana ( age 2) , Janae (age 17), Jasmine(19). it cause my mother to become in debt, and my oldest sister had to drop out of college because we just couldn’t afford for her to go.. it was hard times, but once again i was cured. Now in october 2012 My cancer has retuned, and i am once again sick. i have numerous tumors around major organs and i need a bone marrow transplant. my family and i really need help. please tell all your friends about my page, and to like my page. help save my life.” – Jamaya  Read entire story here... 

UPDATE: Sad to announce that Jamaya passed away on September 11th 2013.


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